Angular’s wide range of milling capabilities will meet all customer precision machining requirements. The accuracy of our machines provide a tolerance positioning of .00016” and a repeatability of .00008”. This allows us to manufacture from the simplest to the most intricate parts with various material types (visit our material page). Below are some requirements that can be met without any outside process help. Any ability to remove a process within a part’s manufacturing cycle will not only allow Angular to be price competitive but also help maintain a high percentage of repeatability.

3D milling
5th Axis machining capability
Machine finish flatness/parallel/perpendicular of .001-.002” on certain materials
Superior machine surface quality (range of #16 to #125) and contour accuracy
Engraving on a flat or curve surface
Corner radius of .016
O-ring / Dove tail groove
Ability to machine any flat/curved/irregular surfaces


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